Child. Massage Brushing

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NewbornKnead every finger, bends the thumb outwards, knead mound thumb repeatedly draw a circle on a palm. Shake brush, spend it on a surface, tapping a brush on varied surfaces.If you are unable to do a whole massage at once, do not worry! Start with a individual parts of the aging body. First, massage those who love a kid - usually the legs and buttocks. So, later a any days, start to massage the areas that are not very pleasant child (back, warm, tummy).Do not particularly similar children massotherapy pens. But doing it extremely influential, however is usually a tone knobs more, and to two months pipsqueak should along pull in her mouth cam embedded in a handle to hold a toy. These are all steps of evolution and your wish to go on time.Much gradually, but any day to teach a baby to a massage. Читать полностью -->

Maintenance of a child. 1 Do prophylaxis?

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ChildIf someone got sick at home or you are with the child in a public place, it is complete to be safe. Drip into a newborn's nose interferon-based drugs or saline. You keep started a coldness? When breastfed baby gets protective antibodies from a mother. And yet, try a few hours when communicating with a newborn to apply a gauze bandage. And, of course, treat your illness!  Moms. Resembling posts:Feeding babyChildService of a newborn. Читать полностью -->

Child care. Drink with a bag may be given after three years?

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BabyMyth Today, manufacturers offer a variety of juices. The fact that the item is suitable for little kids, you write on the package. These juices are done in any shops where every stage of production is well tested. Specialists, together with doctors select the most healthy and tasty fruit or vegetable, watermelon and berry blend.  Alike Baby.articles:Strabismus babiesNewbornCare of a child. Rickets in childrenBabyNewborn. Vitamins for infantsChild. Читать полностью -->

Child service. Vitamin nutritional feeding

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BabyInclusion in the dietary of more fruits and fresh vegetables will ensure receipt of all required vitamin. Specifically serious for the progress and construction of a child vitamins D. Strive to eat more crab, eggs, dairy items, to vorganizm reported it enough. Vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc improve the absorption of calcium and are an serious addition to the food nursing mom, so Needless to forget about the size of a whole grains (particularly bran and seeds) and leafy raw vegetables (such as lettuce and spinach).  Baby. Alike articles:Maintenance of a newborn. Baby Building TWO weeksBabyNewborn. Читать полностью -->

Child. Recipe courage to nursing

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BabyTo speedily restore vitality properly to take 3 minutes every day (preferably before a meal) 1 tsp. A mix of four components: 300 g of natural honey, grapefruit juice 4, 500 grams walnuts (pre-crushed chalk) and 100 grams of aloe extract (if you will "juice" a nectar with a leaves of plants to the home, apply the fleshy lower leaves, bath, very dry and one time in a refrigerator), all fine. If you are frightened of allergies, nuts, remove and replace the honey fructose.Vitamin for nursingMeal feeding young girl: VitaminMeal after childbirth: VitaminVitamins: a regime of lactating   Baby. Alike posts:Child attention. Causes Allergies in ChildhoodBabyUpkeep of a child. Allergies in BabiesNewbornBaby leaving. Читать полностью -->

A vertical dive

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BabyThe temperature of a bath is chosen individually. Water need not be too warm, it's relaxing. A newborn has to run, and run actively! At the initial stage, it is quite suitable temperature is 35.5 - 36 degrees. Then, with any new occupation or done a lesson can reduce it by 0.5 a degree, and gradually increase to rule - "Pool" - temperature of 28-29 degrees. Put a time, watch a reaction of the kid. If you see that he is cold and uncomfortable, add to hot h2o.Immerse a crumbs into a aqua vertically, gently murmuring words of encouragement. Читать полностью -->

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