Child leaving. FAQ for porridge for children

BabyBuckwheat, rye, millet, wheat, oats, rice, corn, buckwheat. What cereals are most useful, and so to prepare one delicious and mouth-watering porridge for a children?Cereal products play an serious role in human nutrition - you are the chief sources of carbohydrates (mainly starch and dietary fibers), veggie proteins, vitamin, approximately minerals. Cereal items supply about 30% of the energy required for nice babies, about 40% - for babies of preschool age and size 50% - for students (according to the Scientific Center for Kids's Health).According to the contemporary concepts of "diet food pyramid" (Rec. WHO), more than 1/2 the part of a carefully schedule for must be grains: cereals, fresh bread and pasta, cereal (muesli).In Russia porridge - one of the most well-known dishes. "Cabbage soup and porridge - our diet food," - liked to repeat the wise grandmother. This saying we want not forget now: right-cooked porridge - one of a healthiest dishes which are equally well suited to both infants and adults. Читать полностью -->

Maintenance of a baby. Drink from a bag can be given after three years?

NewbornMyth Presently, manufacturers propose a variety of juices. The fact that the product is suitable for small babies, you write on the package. These juices are made in about shops where each stage of production is fine tested. Specialists, together with doctors select the most effective and tasty strawberries or vegetable, fresh fruit and berry mix up.  Baby. Resembling posts:Stitches later giving birthday later cesareanChildMaintenance of a newborn. GipolaktatsiyaBabyNewborn upkeep. Читать полностью -->

Newborn maintenance. FAQ for porridge for babies

BabyMillet, rye, millet, wheat, oats, rice, corn, buckwheat. What cereals are most useful, and so to prepare one delicious and mouth-watering porridge for a babies?Cereal items play an influential role in female nutrition - they are the basic sources of carbohydrates (mainly starch and dietary fibers), veg proteins, vitamins, some minerals. Cereal products supply size 30% of a energy required for nice children, some 40% - for kids of preschool age and size 50% - for students (according to the Scientific Center for Infants's Soundness).According to the current concepts of "meal pyramid" (Rec. WHO), more than half a permanent dietary should be grains: cereals, fresh bread and pasta, cereal (muesli).In Russia porridge - one of the most popular dishes. "Cabbage broth and porridge - our food," - liked to repeat a wise grandma. This saying we should not forget currently: rightly-cooked porridge - one of a healthiest dishes which are equally well suited to both kids and adults. Читать полностью -->

Moms. Alcohol Breast-feeding

BabyAlcohol - poison for a body, for its tissues. Adult it in little amounts does no harm, because it introduced regularly, but a little child and a little quantity can be harmful, because alcohol can damage approximately tissues, such as brain. Alcohol is rapidly absorbed in the stomach, enters a bloodstream and circulates throughout a aging body (legs and arms dereveneyut get "heavy").Thus, a alcohol enters the mammary gland and milk. Drink a glass of white wine, a small glass of beer, wine glasses of liquor, once in the blood, changes, oxidized and rendered harmless in 7-12 hours. Most blood alcohol in an hour or 2 later it has been drunk. This should be guided by a nursing mum.Kindly, it is better if a nursing mom does not drink alcohol at all. Читать полностью -->

Newborn leaving. As may I suggest supplementation

BabyBy hours: daily required volume of the mixing is separated into equal portions and given at systemic intervals during a time 'tween 6 and 24 hours (e.g., from 40 g of 6, 10, 14, 18 and 22 hours).Around dreams: supplementation offer the baby later waking up and before going to sleep following. In this case it is indispensable to closely monitor however that every day has gathered a required amount of a mixing.There are a any rules for a organization of supplemental foods:Later supplementary feeding necessarily offer the chest;Know when to stop! Do not insist on a fact that the kid ate all that you possess prepared for it - imagine himself to control your nutritional wants;If a kid is something spilled or not eat at this time, do not allow a mix of equal uneaten portions to a following;Do not do negative associations with the process of supplemental foods. If a kid is resisting or been frustrated, propose a mixing of differently;Lack of milk to compensate for bodily contact with my mother! However can rarely leave a baby alone, more keep on hand, wearing limited devices, sleeping together, learn child massage techniques. Child constantly needs his mum's tenderness and warmth!  Resembling Newborn.articles:Care of a newborn. Natural MilkChildMothers. Breast-feeding. Читать полностью -->

How many children porridge every day?

NewbornIt is serious that children get adequate amount of cereal (corn) per day, respectively, a average daily consumption rates. So, how this amount will be distributed throughout a time, depending on the appetite of a newborn's tasting preferences (preferably various).Newborn 6 months - 150 g porridge;Baby 55 months - 180 grams;Children 9-12 weeks - 200 grams;For babies 12 weeks and older - 200-300 g of porridge.Following a year It is possible to give the child cereal 1-2 minutes per day. Ever significant middle ground: however would the kid or loved cereal, crackers and bread, feed it to these products, at least, is improperly.The presence of a big number of grain diet promotes the intake of excess carbohydrates baby, which may have effects on a body proallergennoe and promote overweight.  Similar posts:Newborn. Vitamin for childrenChildChild maintenance. Rickets in infantsBabyMaintenance of a child. Massotherapy infantChild. Читать полностью -->

Maintenance of a newborn. Therapy and prevention of rickets

ChildHowever may defend the baby with serious illness? First of all, you should to possess during childbearing prevention spending: to spend more time in the recent air, to involve in the schedule for milk products, cheese, sour cream, curds, fresh meat, fish, a butter and vegetable oil, enough recent fruits and fresh vegetables. If a pregnancy is in the autumn and winter, we recommend taking multivitamin supplements for pregnant gerls.Postnatal prophylaxis (following childbirth) includes:Organic lactation, good nutrition mothers, early but not too early introduction of complementary foods.Adherence of the day, enough newborn stay outdoors in a daytime.Careful maintenance of a child, gyms, massage.If necessary - specific prevention by taking vitamin D.In main, the therapy of rickets doctors are divided into specific and non-specific. Specific - what is prescribed by the medical man. Non-specific - that holds mom. And the finish, I think, newborn recovery depends to a large extent. It's a walk in a fresh air, rightly-organized sleep and wakefulness, good nutrition, massage, gym.A finish 2 points are not hard to perform, because massotherapy is a gentle stroking and rubbing the newborn calf from top to bottom, and gymnastics - in a careful breeding arms and legs to a sides. Читать полностью -->

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