Newborn maintenance. When, to whom and how much?

NewbornFor drinking and cooking, It is possible to apply a regular freshly boiled and filtered water from the tap or bottled water newborn. Pediatricians are usually advised to apply the purchased water, as it is safer for the baby's lustiness. The chief reason to favor the apply of bottled h2o - the minimum concentration of mineral salts.Buying baby water, do not forget that it is divided into 2 categories: drinking water, and to restore (designed to prepare newborn meal from a dry blend). Drinking water is not recommended that children under a age of 6 months and used for a production of infant formula, how its mineral composition is markedly varied in any indicators.From the 1st times of your may give a child a however-called water for recovery - it is softer and is considered a dual-purpose water. If a child is sick, doctors recommend increasing fluid intake to 120-150 ml per 1 kilogram of weight. This "h2o" mode will quickly rid a aging body of all toxic substances, and, if required, to reduce the temperature of a body.Heavy drinking and more frequent feedings are specifically required sick kids grudnichkovye age. Читать полностью -->

Moms. Playground

ChildBut keep in mind a safety of the space it is required not only at home. To fun games on a court delivered a child and you only joy, To the note the following:So a rule, a kids need a particular space in the position of a court so that you can play away from overly active kids older.Unluckily, in a sandbox or at the site can often find things like broken glass, pieces of iron, trash or beer bottles. Hence the conclusion - pay attention to where the children are playing, and do observe cleanliness in a playground.  Moms. Like posts:Child 4 weeksBabyMothers. Increase lactationNewbornUpkeep of a baby. Massage for childrenNewborn. Читать полностью -->

Child. Vitamin nutritional feeding

NewbornInclusion in the dietary of more fruits and raw vegetables will ensure receipt of all necessary vitamin. Especially significant for a evolution and growth of the newborn vitamins D. Try to eat more crab, egg, dairy products, to vorganizm reported it enough. Vitamins D, magnesium, and zinc improve the absorption of calcium and are an significant addition to the ration nursing mom, however Needless to forget some the whole grains (specifically bran and seeds) and leafy fresh vegetables (like lettuce and spinach).  Similar Child leaving.articles:Baby. Juices for childrenBabyChild. GipolaktatsiyaBabyTeething in childrenChild. Читать полностью -->

Service of a baby. Playground

NewbornBut keep in mind the safety of a area it is necessary not only at home. To fun games on a court delivered a baby and you alone joy, note the following:So a rule, a kids demand a special space in the position of a court so that they can play away with overly efficacious children older.Unluckily, in the sandbox or at a site can often find items like broken glass, items of iron, trash or beer bottles. Hence the conclusion - pay attention to where a children are playing, and do observe cleanliness in the playground.  Baby upkeep. Resembling articles:Child care. Jaundice in childrenNewbornNewborn maintenance. Fruits nursing momsNewbornVitamin for kidsBaby. Читать полностью -->

Child leaving. 104. Father should be able to take maintenance of a newborn

BabyHe should do that however good, like my mother. Currently, more and more men are involved in a service of babies. But while fathers often feel invited assistants rather than full participants. Mums are not always willing to share with them the right to make decisions as a baby to feed, clothe, put them to bed.The criterion of "right" paternity may yet be considered a man's ability to install special, heartwarming, distinct with gerls's relationships with their babies. It's fine when daddy is changing diapers and feeding baby with a spoon. But if science and care for him remained a mystery, that is no reason to consider it "wrong".   Similar posts:Newborn leaving. Читать полностью -->

Attention of a newborn. Causes and symptoms of rickets in babies

NewbornA most common classic D-deficient rickets with emerging so a effect of the violation of calcium-phosphorus metabolism. The issue starts at the age of TWO-3 months, particularly in children weakened, prematurity, artificially fed. Due to a lack of vitamin D in the gut malabsorption of calcium and its deposition in the bones. How a result - a thinning and softening of bone tissue deterioration of a nervous system and internal organs.Home and exacerbation occur, normally in late autumn, winter and early spring. If you leave a 1st signs of rickets unattended for 5-6 months a newborn will have a detailed picture of a disease.The 1-st signs of rickets in infants:Substitute a baby's behavior: he becomes fearful, moody or lethargic.Sweating - sweat visible on a little skin during feeding and child's head is sweating all a time, particularly on a back of the head upon sleep, causing air is damp.Toddler worried around itching, he was constantly rubbing his head, causing a thin hair on the back of his head cut off.If upon this period to hold a biochemical analysis of blood, may detect a dropped capacity of phosphorus increased phosphatase performance.  Baby attention. Resembling posts:Newborn. Читать полностью -->

Tune in, Mother!

ChildThe fifth component of a happy swimming - and perhaps most influential - a mood mum. Most frequently, growing up to be afraid of the water those kids whose moms were shaking so rabbit tail at the 1-st balneum a baby. Thus, they served to the children sign: aqua, swimming - it's scary, it's dangerous!So a baby instantly reads a internal emotional state of mums and remembers it for your, if balneum is anything that bothers you, what you are not sure - double check it 3 minutes earlier taking a newborn in his arms and carried to a h2o.If you overcome yourself It is possible to not, let the child bathes dad, grandma, nanny. You can ask to bathe with you child visiting nurse with a clinic - she is happy to show you how to do it right. In a absence of helpers, output is yet there. Do not hide from your baby's condition! On a contrary, share it with a existing fear. Читать полностью -->

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