Newborn third 30 days

NewbornIf two meters in front of a newborn to drive a bright fun, it will be watching her skin eyes. Kid lying on his back. You are at a distance of 25 cm are moving bright toy that, in a end, disappears from a child's perspective, while for a some seconds, he continues to look following the lost toy.A child in her arms are in a room (his opinion not aimed at you, but in the opposite position of the placement). Crumb draws striving to a bright subjects and stares at them.The newborn lies on his stomach. A side (25 cm) rattles rattle. The baby turns his head toward a sound. In the prone position a baby should hold a head for 90 seconds.When you talk to a kid, he stares at you, smiling, cooing appears, "a set of recovery."Leaning complete a child, substitute the facial expression of his facial skin, and the child will imitate a face expressions. If leans stranger, pipsqueak momentarily freezes and stares at it carefully. So breaks into a hesitant smile, especially when a stranger shows a friendly response.If you hang the fun within reach, so accidentally bumping into her child will freeze for a while, "wondering" what happened.Lying on his stomach, the child can draw on a forearm, and bent legs on solid footing. Being in a goodness mood, starts playing hands of his hands, studying them.In the third month, a newborn will learn the 2 "lovely items." The 1st - to know that he has hand and you may do variant movements. Second - learn to distinguish 'tween mom ("Fire") and "them" men.  Child attention. Resembling posts:Moms. A baby of four, 5, six weeksChildMastitisBabyNewborn. Hardening of infantsBaby.

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