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ChildAll of myself to send a babies, and there is no time for fitness? Do not dissemble. If you want to do, It is possible to do so, without parting with a newborn. A toddler will only help! 10 min, 4 kinds of exercises and the endless joy of movement together.Being a attractive mum - it means to be busy from right to evening. But that does not excuse you from the pleasant duty to take attention of his own body. We propose some simple and active movements, lightness and enjoyable in execution. Of the all, you'll deal with the newborn!These exercises can be performed every time - all together or separately upon the day. If a physician approves the sporting intentions, may be started with a 6-7 days postpartum. Later a caesarean will get to wait a some longer, until fully recovered.Photo 1 of "Dancing duo" dancing togetherBabyIt is possible to do it whenever keep the little one in her arms, or carry it in a backpack, "kangaroo". A main thing is that a kid was pressed against you, and his head is properly maintained. All you request to comprise lively music and dance with your baby, keeping a stomach sucked. Alternatively, you can combine a periods of hard and slow dance to a intensity of the heart was not reduced.Dance better on a pretty open space that is not an unfortunate turn caused a shock of a baby. Breathe deeply or sing. If you talk or sing It is possible to easily, however the heart rate does not exceed a permissible values.Alternatively, It is possible to put a child in a child seat and a portable dance around it. Keep a sufficient amplitude of movements (take deep slopes of the head, wide plant hand apart to stretch a muscles of a neck skin and chest). Always keep eye contact with the baby.  Photo 1a Upper twisting  Attention of a baby. Resembling Child maintenance.articles:Mums. Bath a newbornBabyMoms. Dining nursing momsNewbornChild. Massotherapy infantChild.

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