Leaving of a child. Hand

NewbornBeginning the massotherapy by stroking the hands of a toddler. This will help him to relax.Insert the thumb in the palm of a child and a second mitt stroking his arm, moving slowly with a shoulder to the wrist. Do this 4-5 minutes. Then turn the child on his stomach and a like pumping movements massotherapy each arm with shoulder to wrist. Repeat this several times.Muscle toneUp to a age of 3 muscles of the arms and legs to a healthy baby is in a state of physiological stress. Pay attention to a hands of a baby. Thanks massotherapy gipertonus will be faster.  Photo TWO Pose "embryo"  Maintenance of a newborn. Resembling posts:Newborn care. Toddler GymnasticsChildBaby attention. May a nursing mom persimmonNewbornBaby. Hair loss after giving birthChild.

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