A vertical dive

BabyThe temperature of a bath is chosen individually. Water need not be too warm, it's relaxing. A newborn has to run, and run actively! At the initial stage, it is quite suitable temperature is 35.5 - 36 degrees. Then, with any new occupation or done a lesson can reduce it by 0.5 a degree, and gradually increase to rule - "Pool" - temperature of 28-29 degrees. Put a time, watch a reaction of the kid. If you see that he is cold and uncomfortable, add to hot h2o.Immerse a crumbs into a aqua vertically, gently murmuring words of encouragement. If a newborn is calm, put it in a horizontal position on a back, so when swimming, securely supporting a bottom. And finally - start out the general loop of a present swimming exercises: wiring a entire length of a bath, "eight", repulsive feet from a wall of the bath. The finish exercise, most infants perform particularly willing and happy smiling beautiful swimmer will be your reward.Repeat a entire cycle of transactions, turning a child on his tummy. Alternate core exercises with shaking on the water. This is to ensure that a baby felt complete water.Length of lessons to be increased complete time - with 90-10 minutes in the first weeks of baby's life up to 20 min of a 3-rd month. But if you notice signs of fatigue (naughty child begins to pull away), beautify aqua treatments.  Mums. Alike posts:Child. Vitamins for nursingBabyAnalysis of fresh natural milkNewbornNewborn upkeep. Vitamins for babiesNewborn.

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