Tune in, Mother!

ChildThe fifth component of a happy swimming - and perhaps most influential - a mood mum. Most frequently, growing up to be afraid of the water those kids whose moms were shaking so rabbit tail at the 1-st balneum a baby. Thus, they served to the children sign: aqua, swimming - it's scary, it's dangerous!So a baby instantly reads a internal emotional state of mums and remembers it for your, if balneum is anything that bothers you, what you are not sure - double check it 3 minutes earlier taking a newborn in his arms and carried to a h2o.If you overcome yourself It is possible to not, let the child bathes dad, grandma, nanny. You can ask to bathe with you child visiting nurse with a clinic - she is happy to show you how to do it right. In a absence of helpers, output is yet there. Do not hide from your baby's condition! On a contrary, share it with a existing fear. Tell us what you are frightened to do that at the present time awake.After retiring in a "conversation" in two or three times you will feel. What a fears gradually evaporate. And the baby, even though consciously, and may be highly messy, how evidenced by his mother, but captured the fear he will not remain...Tales when bath childrenMake a joyful mood for you and a baby will help small poems and nursery rhymes that get long been used for balneum babies, "h2o off a duck, and a newborn - thinness", "Vodicka, Vodicka, Machine ablution the face.""There was a swimming turtleAnd trembled with fear all.Bul-bul-bul, Bul-bul-bul,So much how I drowned! ""We swim, we were splashing,And in any water we're having fun!Leg up, leg down!Pen up, pen down!Spin the legs,And sailing so path!Plop-plop, pow-pow!Wipes! "   Newborn. Similar articles:Moms. Can a nursing mom ice creamChildCare of a child. Alcohol and warm-feedingBabyMassage for childrenNewborn.

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