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BabyAlcohol - poison for a body, for its tissues. Adult it in little amounts does no harm, because it introduced regularly, but a little child and a little quantity can be harmful, because alcohol can damage approximately tissues, such as brain. Alcohol is rapidly absorbed in the stomach, enters a bloodstream and circulates throughout a aging body (legs and arms dereveneyut get "heavy").Thus, a alcohol enters the mammary gland and milk. Drink a glass of white wine, a small glass of beer, wine glasses of liquor, once in the blood, changes, oxidized and rendered harmless in 7-12 hours. Most blood alcohol in an hour or 2 later it has been drunk. This should be guided by a nursing mum.Kindly, it is better if a nursing mom does not drink alcohol at all. We do not know exactly at what time in each individual organism alcohol is oxidized and has ceased to be dangerous for a child. Rarely men who drink alcohol to disappear from the blood required for 3 hours ahead of those who are accustomed to alcohol.If a mum drinks alcohol earlier natural-feeding, alcohol remains in a milk for a long time and is threatening a newborn. It is specifically dangerous for a newborn and for the mum, if she drinks alcohol regularly, albeit in small numbers. Regular alcohol consumption always is stronger than irregular.Do not be tempted, if you offer red or beer. On the beer say that following his mother more milk, and the wine that it supports. Alas, both statements are improperly. A amount of milk depends on a type of women and breast pump - action drunk fluid and other similar means to allocate milk is much limited. Reinforcements are looking at nutrition, but in a case not in a dangerous alcohol.If you can not give up the glasses, or if you do feel the urge to drink any alcohol, then it is permissible, but alone in little quantities, and after a meal (not on an empty stomach!). Then drink immediately of the feeding to alcohol for 3-4 hours, which possess separated with the following lactation has been removed with a body, at least the greater part.M. Klimov-FyugnerovaALCOHOL AND BREASTFEEDINGMeal feeding: alcohol, beerMeal after childbirth, breast-feeding, alcoholSmoking and fresh-feeding   Newborn. Alike posts:Child care. Intestinal dysbiosisBabyChild leaving. Alcohol and breast-feedingChildUpkeep of a newborn. Massage infantNewborn.

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