Maintenance of a newborn. Therapy and prevention of rickets

ChildHowever may defend the baby with serious illness? First of all, you should to possess during childbearing prevention spending: to spend more time in the recent air, to involve in the schedule for milk products, cheese, sour cream, curds, fresh meat, fish, a butter and vegetable oil, enough recent fruits and fresh vegetables. If a pregnancy is in the autumn and winter, we recommend taking multivitamin supplements for pregnant gerls.Postnatal prophylaxis (following childbirth) includes:Organic lactation, good nutrition mothers, early but not too early introduction of complementary foods.Adherence of the day, enough newborn stay outdoors in a daytime.Careful maintenance of a child, gyms, massage.If necessary - specific prevention by taking vitamin D.In main, the therapy of rickets doctors are divided into specific and non-specific. Specific - what is prescribed by the medical man. Non-specific - that holds mom. And the finish, I think, newborn recovery depends to a large extent. It's a walk in a fresh air, rightly-organized sleep and wakefulness, good nutrition, massage, gym.A finish 2 points are not hard to perform, because massotherapy is a gentle stroking and rubbing the newborn calf from top to bottom, and gymnastics - in a careful breeding arms and legs to a sides. Since the bones crumbs still fragile, the static download is strictly prohibited. Massage should be done slowly, for 8-10 min 2-3 minutes daily, turning a baby from back to tummy and vice versa. Procedures enhance metabolism of a face, which promotes the formation of vitamin D.It is as well very healthy in swimming - rickety kids should bathe every day, spending in the water like gyms, so well however to "land" - gently splay and limb, patting, giving crumbs keeps his own arms and legs swimming movements (to do this with time to time to bathe him in a big tub with a lot of area). But effective pronyrivaniya contraindicated in rickets - stress may cause deterioration of the child.  Service of a child. Resembling posts:Upkeep of a newborn. Rickets and Vitamin DChildNewborn service. Increase lactationBabyAttention of a newborn. Rickets and Vitamin DNewborn.

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