Child. Kashi without cooking

BabyAlmost all the "porridge without cooking" are guaranteed high-property and balanced composition. Besides these cereals require minimal making time. In this case we speak of those cereals that are specially designed for baby fresh food. Rightly-known manufacturers propose cereal is not just for everyone, but for kids with a variety of features of health (for example, allergies or problems with the gastrointestinal tract).Kashi in the shape of flakes without a addition of sol, vitamin, saccharose, milk powderise, simulated preservatives, flavorings and colorings are often sold in the departments not baby diet food and diet. But you are quite suitable for feeding attractive kids, you do not have to cook, and you can pour boiling aqua or cook in a microwave oven.After 1.5-TWO years old, you can use the "hard" porridge without additives, which are brewed rightly in a bag, like buckwheat, rice or corn. Absolutely not suitable for newborn food (this applies to children up to 3 years, and when it comes to allergy sufferers - and older!) Flavored porridge without preparation bags (how-called "firmly"). Читать полностью -->

Mothers. What are a things required to juice for babies

NewbornThings to extract for a newborn - this is the list you want to do long earlier I go to the infirmary. For all the fuss associated with the birthday of the newborn, relatives of a newly-done mommy is unlikely to be running around shopping. In addition, specifying what kind of items need to be discharged for newborns, it is indispensable to take To the note on seasonality. What does this mean?If a child needs to please his person mother and dad in the cold season, items to be discharged to the child in a winter may be insulated. Here's a list of what clothes to put a little council experts:Catsuit made of wool, plus a top overall for the street;Cap of wool or cotton packed;Changing body of wool;A set up need necessarily be a warm winter hat;Wool pants swaddling;Plaid blanket (wool) and diaper liners (eg, stories).When choosing clothes for the baby, pay attention to what materials produced or that children's "envelope." All of these substances want allow a newborn's facial skin to breathe and be organic. Of course, it is best to all the clothes, which included for the statement was absolutely safe for the baby. Читать полностью -->

Care of a child. However to bathe?

NewbornAdd to a broth to a bath. The temperature of a bath shall be no more than 37 * C, but complete - 35-36 * C.Duration of aqua treatments need be 10-15 minutes. Start with 5 minutes of swimming and gradually increase the time. Size once a 30 days beginning a 7 days-long break in herbal balneum. Excessive use of herbal baths is not: to apply 2-3 minutes a week.Make sure that a baby does not swallow a h2o.Do not rinse of the newborn herbal bath with polish aqua, do not sluice it with soap or other means for swimming - so a healing capacity of a process finish longer.To apply a diaper wipe, you do not mind dirty: a decoction of certain herbs is quite dark and may leave stains on the fabric. Remove excess moisture with the facial skin baby soft "blotted" movements.  Similar Service of a baby.articles:Upkeep of a newborn. Читать полностью -->

Upkeep of a newborn. Area and Time

NewbornNormally massotherapy is done later a satisfying shower or a day earlier serving. Keep in mind that babies freeze faster adults, as choose the warmest apartment in the home. Prepare in progress a put, such as a changing table. At a fingertips need be a special oil and heartwarming diaper.But do not start a massotherapy if you are nervous or tired. The newborn will feel it right away. So 1st strive to disconnect with the unpleasant thoughts. Читать полностью -->

Baby. Frequent feedings help to improve lactation

ChildFeed your newborn in close contact. Touch every other facial skin, see the baby's skin eyes. The tenderness and love that you keep for a baby will help you to restore a right amount of natural milk. Put a newborn to a natural as frequently how possible - because want creates supply!Monitor for proper baby takes a natural. Keep it up as that it touches a chest chin. A lower lip baby must be slightly twisted outward and complete a top - see part of a areola.  Baby leaving. Читать полностью -->

Baby. Drink with a bag may be given later three years?

BabyMyth Today, manufacturers propose a variety of juices. A fact that the item is suitable for little babies, they write on a pack. These juices are made in some shops where every phase of production is thoroughly tested. Specialists, together with doctors select a most beneficial and tasty fruit or vegetable, raspberries and berry mix up.  Mothers. Like posts:Smoking and breastfeedingBabyCare of a newborn. ChickenpoxNewbornMothers. Читать полностью -->

Child care. When, to whom and how much?

ChildFor drinking and preparation, It is possible to apply a regular freshly boiled and filtered water with the tap or bottled aqua newborn. Pediatricians are normally advised to use the purchased water, so it is safer for a newborn's health. A main reason to favor the apply of bottled water - the minimum concentration of mineral salts.Buying child h2o, do not forget that it is divided into 2 categories: drinking h2o, and to restore (designed to prepare baby fresh food with a very dry blend). Drinking water is not recommended that babies under a age of 6 weeks and used for a preparation of infant formula, so its mineral composition is markedly different in about indicators.From the 1-st days of your may give a baby a so-called water for recovery - it is softer and is considered a dual-purpose aqua. If a child is sick, doctors recommend increasing fluid intake to 120-150 ml per 1 kilogram of gravity. This "water" mode will speedily rid a body of all toxic substances, and, if required, to reduce the temperature of the body.Heavy drinking and more frequent feedings are especially needed sick children grudnichkovye age. Читать полностью -->

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